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  • Day Old Chicks - RSPCA Freedom Food Approved

Day Old Chicks - RSPCA Freedom Food Approved

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Day Old Chicks are a controversial subject, we understand this. 

These day old chicks come from certified hatcheries which breed chickens for the egg laying industry. The male chicks are obviously unsuitable for egg production and for the meat industry. However, frozen day old chicks are an ideal food source for many animal and bird species, especially cats. If they weren't used for the pet food sector, they would be wasted. 

These chicks have been blast frozen at -29 degrees Celsius after being euthanised using RSPCA Freedom Foods most humane available method. The supplier has been awarded the Allstair Mease Award for improvements in Animal Welfare. 

We recommend feeding 2-3 per week, not too many as they can be addictive! You may find your cat plays with them to start with, however eventually they will get the idea!


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