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Keeping Cats Happy and Healthy

  • 6 Delicious Raw Recipes

    We offer 6 flavours in two sizes - Big Bites, for cats & kittens over 12 weeks & those who prefer a chunkier texture. And Small Bites - for cats & kittens over 8 weeks, those starting their raw journey or those with dental issues. Both are complete and contain all the nutrients a cat needs.

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  • Toppers & Treats - Simply Irresistible

    We created our Toppers and Treats range to satisfy and compliment cats natural meaty diet! Our special blend of raw toppers are perfect for initial transitioning, or for times when cats refuse the raw. Whilst our fishy cat treats are a healthy way to reward cats between meals.

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Join the Rudy Family

Currently we have over 16 Official Stockists located all over the United kingdom, who have joined our Rudy family and we are looking to add new UK based businesses to join our family of stockists. Please give us a call or email and we will be happy to discuss how we can work together.

Purrfect partnership

We’re all about innovation, our products are in demand and we never want you to have stock sitting in the freezer or shelf gathering dust. We want you, the Stockist, to be successful! Should you decide to stock RudyFood in your shop, we have listed below some of the support you can expect to receive from us as a partner.

  • Friendly raw food training
    and ongoing support with your dedicated account manager
  • FREE, Fast and reliable delivery service
  • Product literature with each item, so you’ll have what you need to answer customer questions
  • Free listing on our website and facebook page to boost engagement
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