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RudyFood Case Studies by our very own customers

The most user-friendly way to raw feed cats - Cat Keech, Artizan Maine Coons

Despite researching the benefits of a raw diet prior to embarking on breeding, we had always stopped short of taking the plunge due to niggling concerns about freezer space (we house as many people as we do cats!) contamination or unwittingly making mistakes with the balance of ingredients. In early 2021 we decided to trial our six Maine Coons for 1-2 weeks on premade raw "just to see" and within 2 days we knew we would never go back. If the reduced volume and smell to our cats stools hadn't been enough to sway us then the clear improvement in...

RudyRaw is one of the easiest ways to feed raw - Feline Behaviour Support Advisor

My name is Beth, I am a Feline Behaviour Advisor with years of veterinary assistant experience, qualified also in Animal Care and Feline First Aid. I own one moggie and he is my rescue named Chairman. When I rescued Chairman, his vet quickly discovered he had very severe gingivitis and he lost almost all of his teeth due to the condition. In more recent times, I have also discovered that nearly all commercial diets have upset his stomach to the point where I had to do more research to see if there was something I could change in his diet...